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dh90: Continuous Memory Code 53: Exercise TP Sensor
Steps _Enter Key On Engine Off Continuous Monitor mode. Refer to Appendix in Section 16
_Observe VOM or STAR LED for indication of a fault while performing the following:
_Move throttle slowly to WOT position
_Release throttle slowly to closed position and lightly tap on TP sensor (simulate road shock)
_Wiggle TP harness connector
Result Does VOM or STAR LED indicate a fault?
Direction YES

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TPS Information:
ComponentThrottle Position Sensor
DescriptionThe TPS provides the EEC with a signal proportional to opening angle of the throttle body throttle plates, which informs the EEC the movement and position of the throttle plate.
LocationMounted on the throttle body
Wire ColorsDark Green with Light Green stripe
Orange with White stripe
Black with White stripe