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ke13: Low ISC RPM
Steps _Run engine at 2000 RPM for 2 minutes or until inlet radiator hose is hot and pressurized.
_Key Off, wait 10 seconds
_Rerun Engine Running Self-Test
Result Is code 17 still present?
Direction YES

Inspect throttle body and air inlet for contamination. Service as necessary. If OK, adjust curb idle (refer to Section 4 for procedure). Rerun Quick Test


Service other codes as necessary

ISC Information:
ComponentIdle Speed Controller/Idle Bypass Valve
DescriptionThe ISC is used to control engine idle speed and is controlled by the EEC. The ISC allows the EEC to control the engine RPM by allowing intake air flow around the throttle plate.

The ISC has the following functions:
Cold engine fast idle
No accelerator pedal effort required during engine cranking
Dashpot function to help prevent engine stalling upon de-accleration
Over temperature idle boost
Engine idle load correction
LocationMounted onto the throttle body. Cylinder shape device.
Wire ColorsRed
Grey with White stripe