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h23: Service Code 42/92: Fuel Control Always Rich: Check HEGO Signal for Short to Power
Steps _Key Off, wait 10 seconds
_Disconnect the appropriate HEGO sensor for Code 42/92
_DVOM on 20 volt scale
_Key On, Engine Off
_Measure voltage between HEGO Signal and PWR GND at the HEGO vehicle harness connector
Result Is voltage less than .5 volts?
Direction YES

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Reconnect HEGO sensor. Service HEGO circuit short to power. Rerun Quick Test

HEGO Information:
ComponentHeated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
DescriptionThe HEGO sensor supplies the EEC with a signal that indicates a rich or lean condition during engine operation.
LocationThreaded into the turbo outlet elbow
Wire ColorsDark Green with Purple stripe
Grey with Yellow stripe
Black with Light Green stripe