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dp1: Drive Cycle for Checking Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
Steps _Record and clear EEC-IV Continuous Memory Codes
_Warm engine to operating temperature
_Perform the drive cycle below as appropriate for the vehicle being tested

AUTOMATIC Transmission:
On 2.3L EFI TC applications, idle the engine for a full 5 minutes then immediately begin the drive cycle
Place the gear selector in LOW and moderately accelerate to 25MPH, then coast down to an idle and stop the vehicle. Shut engine off.

MANUAL Transmission:
Starting in 1st gear, shift to 2nd gear and moderately accelerate to 40MPH, then coast down to an idle and stop vehicle. Shut engine off.

Rerun Key On Engine Off Self-Test
Result Is Code 29 (Code 27 for 2.3L EFI TC) present in Continuous Memory?
Direction YES

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Unable to duplicate fault at this time. If any other codes are present, return to Quick Test for directions. If codes are no present, test is completed.