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dk30: Service Code 76: Check for Voltage Increase in VAF Signal During Dynamic Repsonse
Steps _Key Off, wait 10 seconds
_Disconnect 60 pin connector. Inspect for damaged pins, corrosion, loose wires, etc. Service as necessary.
_Breakout box installed
_Processor connected
_DVOM on 20 volt scale
_Connect DVOM to Test Pin 43 (Test Pin 27 on 2.3L TC) and Test Pin 46
_Perform Engine Running Quick Test while monitoring DVOM
_After dynamic response prompt code 1(0) operator does a brief WOT. DVOM should increase more than 2.0 volts from reading before WOT.
_Observe service codes at end of test
Result Did voltage increase more than 2.0 volts?
Direction YES

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Check air cleaner duct for obstruction. If OK, replace VAM

VAM Information:
ComponentVane Airflow Meter
DescriptionThe VAM measures air flowing into the engine. The meter contains a movable vane directly connected to a potentiometer.

Air, rushing through the VAM, changes the position of the vane and the potentiometer.

The potentiometer relays vane position information to the EEC. The EEC can then translate vane position information into the volume of air flowing into the engine

The VAM also contains an air temperature sensor. The sensor constantly monitors the temperature of the air flowing into the engine and reports the information to the EEC.

The EEC computes volumetric airflow and air temperature, then adjusts the fuel flow to obtain the optimum air/fuel ratio.
LocationMounted between the air cleaner and turbo inlet
Wire ColorsWhite with Black stripe
Light Green with Purple stripe
Orange with White stripe
Black with White stripe