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dh20: Service Code 73: TP Sensor Moves in Engine Response Test
Steps _Key Off
_Install breakout box
_DVOM on 20 volt scale
_Connect DVOM to Test Pins 47 and 46 at the breakout box.
_Perform Engine Running Self-Test, Step 5.0
Result Does voltage increase to greater than 3.5 volts during the dynamic response test?
Direction YES

Remove breakout box. Replace processor. Rerun Quick Test


Verify TP Sensor is properly installed to throttle body. If OK, replace TP sensor. Refer to Section 3 for adjustment procedure for EFI applications. Rerun Quick Test

Notes Code 73 indicates the TP sensor did not exceed 25% of its rotation in the Engine Response Check

TPS Information:
ComponentThrottle Position Sensor
DescriptionThe TPS provides the EEC with a signal proportional to opening angle of the throttle body throttle plates, which informs the EEC the movement and position of the throttle plate.
LocationMounted on the throttle body
Wire ColorsDark Green with Light Green stripe
Orange with White stripe
Black with White stripe