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dh10: Service Code 63: Attempt to Generate Code 53
Steps _Key OFF, wait 10 seconds
_TPS disconnected
_Jumper VREF to TP Signal at TP vehicle harness connector
_Perform Key ON, Engine OFF Self-Test
Result Is Code 53/23 present?

Ignore all other codes at this time
Direction YES

Replace TP sensor. Refer to the Tech Articles for for adjustment procedures. Remove jumper wire. Reconnect TP sensor. Rerun Quick Test


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Notes If no codes are generated from this test, immediately remove jumper and
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TPS Information:
ComponentThrottle Position Sensor
DescriptionThe TPS provides the EEC with a signal proportional to opening angle of the throttle body throttle plates, which informs the EEC the movement and position of the throttle plate.
LocationMounted on the throttle body
Wire ColorsDark Green with Light Green stripe
Orange with White stripe
Black with White stripe