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de1: Service Code 21: Check Engine Operating Temperature
Steps _Run engine at 2000 RPM for 2 minutes or until inlet radiator hose is hot and pressurized. _Key Off, wait 10 seconds _Rerun Engine Running Self-Test
Result Is Code 21 still present?
Direction YES

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Service other codes as necessary

Notes If vehicle stalls, do not service code 21 at this time. Refer to diagnostic by procedure.

ECT Information:
ComponentEngine Coolant Temperature Sensor
DescriptionThe ECT sensor reports the engine coolant temperature to the EEC.

The ECT signal input is used by the EEC to:
Modify ignition timing
EGR flow
Air to fuel ratio
LocationThreaded into between Fuel Injectors 2 and 3
Wire ColorsLight Green with Yellow stripe
Black with White stripe